Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Texas Trip

Okay, well, Thursday morning, I got all the kids up and dressed and out the door for Mom's Day Out. I normally work it, but I had asked off so I could get ready to go. I dropped them off and headed to Target and then home to pack. I got a good bit done and some of the house cleaned. I had to pack me and Adam to go to Texas, Zoe to go to Meg's, Sebastian and Jude to go to Jake's and Annabelle to go to Lily's. About 11:30, I headed to the mall to have lunch with Kim and her kids. Well, while I was there, the MDO director called to say that Zoe was running a 101 fever! Oh, man! I about had a panic attack...So, I went and picked her up and made her a doctor's appointment for that afternoon. I came home and finished packing and then headed back to the church to get the other three kiddos. Then we headed to the doctor. Sure enough, she had strep throat-first time ever! The day we were planning to leave! So, she got a shot (had a choice between seven days of antibiotics or a shot-we took the shot) and we headed home. I was exhausted. The kids were very good and the doctor considering, but man I hate taking four kids to the doctor. By this time, I have talked to my Mom who agreed to keep Zoe for the twenty four hours until she wasn't contagious anymore and take her to Meg's. Zoe wasn't thrilled with idea, but that's all we could do. So, I took the boys to Kim (at Jason's dad's house) and took Annabelle to Christine's house. Then, Adam and I loaded the car and took Zoe to my Mom's. Then, we finally headed to Clarksville to stay the night so we could catch our 8:00 flight from Nashville. We finally got on the plane and headed to Dallas. We had to stop in Austin, but we didn't have to get off the plane. So it wasn't bad. We landed in Dallas at 11:30 and Josh met us there and took us to his house. We got to meet Dave, their boxer/lab dog! He was so cute! He's a puppy so he's very energetic, but so great! Then we went to lunch at a mexican restaurant that was so good. Then we went back to Josh and Allie's and just hung out which was so great. It was during our hanging out that Dave the dog got on Adam's back and proceeded to try to deflower him. It was so funny because Adam is not exactly a dog person, so it was so funny.
Then we went to the rehearsal dinner at a steak place called Texas Land and Cattle. It was delicious! We had a great time with Adam's family and just eating and enjoying ourselves. Then back to Josh and Allie's and pretty much straight to bed. Very tired.
Saturday morning, we got up and Josh made us homemade waffles! Oh, so good!! Then, we headed out to Uncle Jerry and Aunt Brenda's house which is on the other side of Dallas and took us about an hour and fifteen minutes to get there. Their house is so nice and we got to visit with his family again, which is always fun. Then we had to go home and get ready for the wedding. We did get to take a nap, uninterrupted and wonderful. Then we got dressed and headed to the wedding. The wedding was so beautiful. It was nice. The reception was in an old warehouse that they made into a place for wedding receptions. They had a fajita bar and chips and salsa and it was so good. We got to dance and had a good time. We got home after midnight and once again pretty much went straight to bed because we had to be at the airport again at 8:00. We did find out that Josh and Allie are pregnant right before we went to bed! Congratulations!! We are so excited!!
The next morning we went to the airport to catch our 9:30 flight to Houston and then on to Nashville, supposedly. Well, we were flying stand-by, so when we got to Houston, the flight to Nashville was full. And the next one was full. And the next one was full...So, we sat in the Houston airport from 11:00 am until 5:45 pm!!! We ate lunch and dinner and watched The Office on Netflix. It wasn't bad, but we were so relieved to get on the 5:45 flight. We landed in Nashville at 7:45, central time. Then we had to drive back to Chattanooga. While we were sitting in the airport, we called Melissa, who had Zoe and she said Zoe could just stay till Monday morning and I could pick her up and Melissa's mom's house which is very close to ours. Then, Christine offered to let Kim drop the boys at her house so Jason and Kim could go back to Montogomery, which is a four hour drive. So Christine had 8 kids at her house overnight!!! She's my hero!!!
We got back to Chattanooga about 11:45 pm, eastern time and went directly to bed! We were so very tired but glad to be back home. Then this morning, I got all the kids and the dog and we were home by eleven. So good to be all back together! Oh, and by the way, Zoe started feeling better on Friday and had a good weekend with Meg!

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Christine said...

Ok, so you only said that because you know I'd be reading your blog! I was glad to help though, I love the kiddos.
I'm glad you had a whirlwind weekend without worries! (4 Ws :)
Christine @ Live to Learn