Monday, July 14, 2008

Donut Making and pictures from blueberry picking

The Donuts

We made donuts this morning and they were so good. Not necessarily healthy, but very good. You take a can of those layer biscuits and break them apart and drop them into a deep fryar and then roll them in sugar. I usually roll them into balls so they make pretty donuts, but this morning Jude and Annabelle helped, so they just broke them and dropped them. But they tasted really good and they had a good time doing it! Yummy!!!

Jude "helping"

Annabelle "helping"

Zoe picking blueberries

DH picking blueberries

Everyone had fun picking blueberries, but it was hard to get anyone to be still long enough for a picture!

1 comment:

Christine said...

You took a risk taking a picture of AB without a top on! What will DH say? :)
The donuts did look good though.