Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Okay, so recently someone told me that people need to be real on their blogs and not just a laundry list of what they did. So, here's a real post. I titled this one contentment because this is probably my biggest area of struggle in my life. And it interferes with everything! Discontent robs me of my joy so many times. Why do I let it? I don't know. When I say things out loud like, I have four very healthy children, a wonderful house that I love, a husband who loves me more everyday and who prays for me and helps me in so many ways...well, when I list them like that, it makes me sound so selfish and crazy. But, Satan always manages to creep in and point out all the things that I don't have. So frustrating...The other day, I took Sebastian to the doctor and the doctor asked me if he was allergic to any antibiotics. I had to tell him I didn't know because my three youngest have never been on any antibiotics! They are five, four and almost three years old! And, I am not a homebody, so I don't keep them at home or anything like that. That's amazing! God is so good to us. Why can't I just be thankful? Actually, the longer I type this, the more thankful I am and the more content I am. What is it that I want that I can't have? What do I need that God has not provided for me? I seriously need to just get over myself and be genuinely grateful. Make a list everyday of things God does for me...That will relieve my discontent and restore my joy. Actually, I am feeling way better now! God is so awesome and loves me so much! What more do I need???

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That's an awesome post!
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