Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Times, They Are A-Changing

There are so many changes going on right now at our house. First, yesterday was my last day as music secretary at our church. I absolutely love that job and did not want to leave. But, I was having childcare issues for the summer and, while they probably could have been worked out, I am homeschooling this fall. (that would be change #2) I fought this as long as I could. We moved out of the district of the school the kids have been going to and don't want to make Zoe go to a new school for just one year. Plus, I think Sebastian will do better in a one-on-one situation. He is so creative and artistic that the sit-in-your-seat-and-follow-this-routine just does not suit him. I think he will thrive at home with me. So, I will be homeschooling a 5th grader, a 1st grader, a kindergardener and a K4. I'm very excited and nervous at the same time. I have made some curriculum decisions but not all of them. The kids are excited about it too! Adam's mom would be so proud! (I will be working more at Target more nights a week)
And, change #3 right now is that Adam and a friend of his are starting their own firm! This has been coming for a few months, but things came to a head, so to speak, this past Friday. A decision had to be made and after much prayer, Adam decided to go out with his friend. So, Adam's official last day at the old firm will be June 30 and his official first day at Markel & Major will be July 1st. (Of course, he is actually doing work at night and on the weekends for the new firm, but officially the start date is July 1st. We are very excited about it and it has been so very neat to see God's hand in all of it.
So, that's what is going on here at our house. Lots of changes all at one time, but they are all very exciting and completely in God's timing. Adam has wanted to go out for awhile, but never found anyone he trusted to be business partners with. So, we are very excited and God is so good and has worked out even the smallest details. It is so neat.


Andy, Charity, Noah, Heath and Elijah said...

Wow - lots of changes & I love the changed blog - SNAZY. Tell Adam I am proud for him. That's really exciting. Love you guys.

Christine said...

I can't wait to get together next week and go through curriculum and fun stuff. :)
Also, I meant to ask you how you changed the font on your header. It goes so well with the new blog design.
Christine @ Live to Learn