Friday, May 15, 2009

Sebastian is Six!

Yes, Sebastian turned six years old yesterday! I cannot believe he is so old! He is still my child with the biggest heart and most compassion. He is my best share-er (including the ten year old!) and he loves his family so much. He is so much fun to be with because he seriously just enjoys life no matter what he is doing. Tonight, we are taking him to Chuck E Cheese with a few of his friends and then one of them is coming back to spend the night here with him. He is very excited. Yesterday, he took cupcakes to school and his teacher made him a birthday book. She had each child in his class to draw a picture and write "I like you because ______" and fill in the blank. So he has a book filled with 18 pictures and reasons his classmates like him. It was really cute and made him feel so special.

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Mrs. Tara said...

Have fun! Wow- time flies. Don't forget to go to the website for Chucky Cheese and get coupons. :)