Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday Party, Grandad and Jacob, Soccer and Children's Musical

Yes, all of this occurred this past weekend! First was Sebastian's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. We had a really good time. Sebastian specifically asked for an American flag cake. He had never seen this cake pan (it's in a storage room) and I offered to do a Bakugan cake or a Power Ranger cake and he stuck to his guns. So he got the flag cake and he loved it! He must have told me ten times that he loved his cake.

This is Sebastian and Jude and their buddy, Caleb. Caleb also spent the night with us after the party! All the boys had so much fun!

Sebastian with Chuck E. Cheese, who completely terrified Annabelle. She screamed and ran away.

Here are the boys with their 14 year old cousin, Jacob, who they adore. He wrestles with them and turns them upside down and they think it is just great. He is also extremely patient for a 14 year old boy. Adam's dad and Jacob got here Friday night around 10:30.

The three oldest all had soccer games on Saturday and they all got trophies for the season. Not sure why Sebastian is making a face.

Then, Sunday night was AWANA awards, Bible Drill Awards, the Kindergarten choir singing and the 1st-5th grade choir program Parablelooza! It was a busy night!
This is Zoe during the Bible Drill presentation. She made it to the State Drill and had fewer than six mistakes! I am so proud of her.
Then, they gave the Cubbies awards. I did not, however, get a good picture of this because my two Cubbies (Annabelle and Jude) were busy fighting on stage. At least it was funny. Then, Sebastian got a Sparks award and Zoe got a Truth N Training award - actually, Zoe finished her book, which is a hard accomplishment. I am very proud of all four of them! They all learned lots of verses of Scripture and worked hard.
Next, the Kindergarten choir sang. Unfortunately for some of my friends, Sebastian just stood up there. He sang some and stood some, but he didn't do anything worthy of America's Funniest Home Videos! And, he had a line to say and he delivered it perfectly! I think you probably could hear Adam and me sigh when he was coming off the stage.
Then, the big kids did Parablelooza, which was so very cute! Zoe did a great job with her three lines and her solo. Again, we were very proud.

It was a crazy, action packed weekend, but everyone had lots of fun and we all survived. This is the last week of school and so we are all looking forward to settling down a little bit!

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