Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So what about today...

Today started as an ordinary day. Then my mom called and said that we needed to get down to her office as soon as possible. Here in our city, there is a HUGE consignment sale every year. Well, that sale is just not my thing. I can't stand all the people everywhere, picking through mounds and mounds of clothes and then standing in a line that wraps around the building - just not my thing. I realize that if I really wanted to be a frugal shopper and make our money go further, that I would probably do consignment sales, but it's just not my scene. Anyway, so my Mom calls me today and says that everything that isn't sold at that sale is donated to her work. (She works at a non profit home for troubled teens, which also has a house for young mothers, so they get the baby clothes too) Her work also has a thrift store that they run. The guy who runs the thrift store told my mom that everything was being sold for a quarter a piece! So she says that if I come down and look through the stuff, she'll get us some lunch. So, I loaded up the kiddos and headed over there, not really expecting much, but thought I would give a shot. I got so much stuff and I only spent $10! (I got forty different things!) I got two brand new Strasburg dresses for Annabelle, plus some other clothes for her. And I got Zoe a lot of new clothes too. Plus three pairs of shoes (one for me, one for Zoe, and one for Annabelle.) I was so excited. I couldn't believe it.
Then tonight, we took Sebastian to meet his Kindergarten teacher! Her name is Ms. Burroughs and she is a brand new teacher. I'm not sure if she's a brand new teacher to the profession or just brand new to the school. I just don't want to run her off! Not really, of course. I know he will be fine. He is very excited and I can't wait to see what this year holds. He will go for his first day next Wednesday. And then his second phase in day is the next Wednesday. Then he starts full time on August 25. I really can't wait.
Zoe starts back next Tuesday. We go tomorrow morning and find out who her teacher is. She is somewhat apprehensive about it, but I know she will be fine once she finds out who is in her class and who her teacher is. I am excited about fourth grade too. I can't wait to see what she is going to do. It is really amazing to watch your children grow up and become people. Zoe has her own opinion and her own sense of style and they are completely different from mine or Adam's! It is so neat to look back and just see how much she has changed and grown, not just physically, but spiritually as well. She memorizes Scripture, she reads her Bible, she asks questions that I would never have asked when I was her age. It is amazing. God has blessed me more than I ever deserve.

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