Thursday, August 14, 2008


Annabelle, the almost three year old, is such a funny kid. She has no idea that she isn't as big as everyone else in the house and she can come up some funny things. I just thought I would record some of them...

"May Out" - this means Mom's Day Out

"Miss Queen" - this is my friend, Christine (who asked me not to ever correct Annabelle!)

"Bastian" - this is of course, Sebastian

"Pink Juice" - this is a water/Splenda mixture (all fruit juice upsets her stomach) in her pink sippy cup

"Batman cereal" - this is Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which at one point had a Batman advertisement on it

"Wiwwie" - this is her best friend, Lily

"I died" - this is heard numerous times while she is playing the DS. It's funny because she is not frustrated at all, it's more just a factual statement.

"Don't cook it" - this is in reference to her waffle, which she likes to eat straight out of the freezer! Yuck!

She also is constantly singing and talking. She can sing every word (clearly) to the beginning and the end of Backyardigans. She sings every word to Jesus Loves Me and Jesus Loves the Little Children, Deep and Wide, You Are My Sunshine, several of the High School Musical 2 songs and the Hannah Montana theme song. (Remember, she lives in a house with a nine year old too)

She has a million facial expressions (thank her Daddy for that) and she is extremely prissy. She plays babies and barbies for hours and loves to dress up and wear high heels. Any unoccupied pair of shoes is fair game and she will have them on in no time. She also really likes breakfast food! She is still a peanut, but most mornings usually consist of two waffles and at least two bowls of cereal. She would probably eat more, but I usually cut it off there and try to find something to distract her. She will eat waffles at any time of the day.

She still amazes me with how verbal she is and how much she likes to sing. She will pretend anything is a microphone and will stand in our computer room and perform and perform. It is so fun to watch her. And, she is a total mimic, which at times is very humbling because she mimics me and how I parent.

She is a true joy!

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Christine said...

Love this post! You will cherish these thoughts in a few years. As cute as they are now, you will forget. I wish I had written more about the boys. Christine @ Live to Learn