Friday, August 15, 2008


So, I had nothing planned for today. I thought I might take the kids to a playground or something. I even called my friend to see if they wanted to join us. Well, since her family was in the middle of passing around a stomach bug (no thanks!) I decided we would just do something ourselves. Well, Sebastian has meloscum spots around his eye and one of them appeared to be infected. So I called the doctor to see if the antibiotic cream I already have at my house would be okay to put on it. No, the doctor said they really needed to see him. Oh, and my pediatrician is on vacation and the other doctor that I like leaves at 11:30. So, could I be there by 10:40? Um, yeah, sure, I replied, having no idea what time it was. I got off the phone to see that it was 10:15! And none of us were dressed! So, I quickly dressed both boys and Annabelle and headed out the door. Called Adam to tell him where we were going and off we went. We signed in at the doctor at 10:35. Amazing!
A little background now. The last time we were at the doctor for Sebastian was the pre-kindergarten physical, complete with four shots, a finger prick and peeing in a cup for the first time. A traumatic experience. Well, when the doctor came in, he had a complete meltdown! I was trying to hold him still just long enough for her to see his eye. Bless her heart! She finally looks at it and then tells me to give him the cream I have at home and a prescription for more, if I need it. Yes, I had to spend $35 for her to tell me exactly what I had asked on the phone.
Anyway, after the traumatic experience at the doctor, I took the three kids to McDonald's and let them play in the play area. I NEVER DO THIS! My kids were saying in amazement, "We're going in? We get to stay?" That's not to say we never eat out, we just usually pick it up and take it home. So they had so much fun.
Now I need a nap to recover from the screaming and kicking five year old I was wrestling.

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Christine said...

Bless your heart! I hope it doesn't get too infected.
Thankfully Rachel is better and John is just tired.
tomorrow is the day I go pick up lots of new fabric. I can hardly wait. Seriously, I can hardly breathe I am so excited. I should proably not wait so long inbetween fabric purchases if I feel this deprived. It is that frugal, got to make the budget look practical side of me that stays out of fabric shops. Not tomorrow though. I already told John that I am prepared to spend way too much and I don't want to hear about it when I come home. Don't you know he just asked if I was making a quilt for our bed! He's great! Love you.
Christine @ Live to Learn