Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All About Sebastian

Sebastian is now gone to Kindergarten. He did great! I cried, but he didn't. His teacher came out and met them in the foyer of the school and took him back to his class. He was ready. I was going over some general instructions, you know, like stay with your teacher, listen to your teacher, here's your milk money, stuff like that. And he said, sort of in a frustrated tone, "I got it, Mom." And then when we got there, he said, "Okay. When are you leaving?" So I left my first born son at his first day of school. Real school. I know how fast time really flies once they are in school. So I know his little life is about to start zooming by. Next thing I know, he'll be going to fourth grade, just like his sister.

He will ride the bus home today. I wasn't going to let him, but he was most excited about the bus ride and Zoe will be with him. So, I will see him at 3:45 or so this afternoon. I know he will do just fine. It's just such a huge chapter in his life, so I thought I would take some time and just write a little about him.

Sebastian is a sensitive and artistic child. He is my child who always notices the colors of the sunset or how bright the stars are at night. We'll all be getting out of the car and he is one who stops and stares at the sky. Everyone else is too busy getting out of the car and getting all the stuff to take into the house. He is my child who, whenever he hears music playing, will always stop to listen or sing along or dance. He did this even as a baby. I can remember seeing him run into the living room from the kitchen when he heard a song on the television. He loves to pray anytime and is very thankful for everything. He sometimes even thanks God for things he didn't get to do that day. He is the child who runs around in circles and then stops just to get a hug. He will always share anything that he has. If I give the kids treats, he will always share his, even when they all get the same amount. He is tenderhearted and caring and very passionate. And by passionate, I mean he is either hot or cold. It takes a lot to make him mad, but once he is mad, he is mad all over. And, when he is happy, he is happy all over. He loves to draw and color and cut things out. He loves anything that has to do with drawing and art. So I cannot wait to see where this takes him. I can't wait to see what kind of adult he becomes.

Well, just a few more hours. I can't wait to see what kind of day he had!

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