Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Adam-less weekend and week so far

Okay, so I have never been away from Adam for this long. His group made it to Uganda just fine and he is having the time of his life. We are able to text back and forth, which has made this so much easier. He built a mud hut for a woman yesterday and today they were headed to the Nakivale refugee camp. I cannot wait to hear all about his experiences and see all of his pictures! I know this has been a life changing experience for him! He gets back Saturday afternoon.
The kids and I are doing fine so far. On Friday, they were out of school because it was too cold and yesterday was MLK day so today was the first day I had to get them ready and take Zoe and Sebastian to school. We made it fine. Our weekend was actually a lot of fun too. Friday night was Parents Night Out at our church. I took the kids to that and then had dinner with my mom, John & Christine. (Thanks, John, for letting us crash your dinner party!) We went to Red Lobster and it was oh so yummy! After dinner, John & Christine left and then my mom went to her friend's house to watch a movie, so I went to Wal-Mart and walked around BY MYSELF!!!! It was wonderful! On Saturday, my mom and the kids and I headed out to get some materials for a cake I am making for tomorrow night. (More on that later) We were supposed to go to a birthday party, but never made it. (Sorry again, Christine!) But, I got all of the stuff I needed for my cake, which is going to be so awesome. I baked last night and tonight I will start icing it. I'm so excited. Saturday afternoon, a friend of mine and her mother brought dinner to us! Red beans and rice and shrimp ettoufe. Okay, not sure how to spell that, but at any rate the food was so good!!! Adam doesn't like seafood, so they chose this time to bring me seafood!
Sunday was a little crazy and we were late to the 8:30 service. I didn't budget enough time. Oh well, couldn't be helped. But, we did make it and made it to AWANA on Sunday night WITH all of the AWANA stuff! Last week, the AWANA books and vests were all in a box somewhere. But, I found it all and we actually made it to church with it!
Yesterday was MLK day, so Zoe went to work with my mom and the three other kids stayed with Jeannine while I worked. That was pretty much it. I baked and made candy for the cake I am making, watched 24, checked the weather and went to bed. Very exciting! So, today, the big kids are back in school and the little ones are with Jeannine. The rest of my week is a little busy. We have church tomorrow night, which is where the cake is going, and Friday night I am having dinner with a friend - can't wait!! Then, Adam will be back on Saturday!! Yay!

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Mrs. Tara said...

Glad to hear an update! Yes, Adam will come back with a heart after the nations even more so than before- or at least that is the impact I personally experience. It is so eye opening EVERY time. Is the Jeannine keeping your kids the Jeannine from childcare at the church?