Monday, January 12, 2009

How to Move an entire 3000 square foot house using 5 boxes!

Okay, you’re going to think we are crazy, but that is pretty much what we did. We had only a few boxes. Since we moved over the course of like 3 weeks, we would pack the boxes at the house, take them to the apartment, unpack them and take the empty boxes back to the house, repack them and so on. We have a van and a truck, so we would take a load every day. For a few days, we only had the one bench in the van and the back was filled with stuff, so the three youngest sat on the bench seat and Zoe in the front seat. One time, I drove from the house to my mother’s house (which are about 3 miles apart) with the four kids laying down flat in the back because there were no seats in the van. (All of them had been threatened with death if they even thought of sitting up. Of course, they thought it was a blast and it was a very short trip.) We never rented a moving truck or hired movers since the biggest things going with us were the couches. We didn’t move any appliances, so we figured we could handle it. And it was fine. Adam’s dad and Jacob came one day with their truck, which made it so much easier. We put a full sized bed in each of the kids rooms for them to share (which was surprisingly a big hit with everyone!) The beds are actually being loaned to us so when we get ready to go to the mission field we won’t have to sell them or store them. A great big THANK YOU to Adam’s dad and to Christine for the beds! The move felt like it took forever since it lasted so long. We filled up the back of my van with the last of the stuff last Saturday afternoon and told ourselves we would unload it when it stopped raining. Well, it didn’t stop raining until Wednesday afternoon! We also were donating a ton of stuff (recliner, bed, trundle, dryer, chest of drawers, nightstand, entertainment center, coffee table, toddler fire truck bed, 2 toddler mattresses, a Barbie van, 2 bicycles, a plastic wagon, 10 bags of clothes and a partridge in a pear tree) to Bethel Bible Village, so they had planned to come pick up the donations on Tuesday. Well, Tuesday is when the torrential downpour came so bad that they had to cancel school on Wednesday. So, we had to reschedule for Thursday. At this point, I was just so ready to hand over the keys to the house! Finally, Thursday afternoon, Bethel came and got all of the donations and Thursday night we were able to turn in our keys!

So, the Major family was able to move our entire house while never using more than five boxes. (Some of our stuff in the attic was already in boxes, so I am not counting those.) A crazy endeavor, but we did it!

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Tessa said...

Congrats! I know you are glad to be moved and do not know how you did with all your little ones. I getting tired just thinking about it. =)