Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Favorite Actors

I have four favorite actors. These people are my absolute favorites! They are not what I would call "mainstream". Not that people don't know who they are, but they're not the ones plastered all over the tabloids. You don't hear people speculating if they are still married (which, all four of them are married), you don't see their mug shots from when they've been arrested for employing the services of a prostitute and you don't see them constantly spouting their political views as if being in a movie or two has now made them a political expert.
1. Matthew Macfayden: I first saw him in Joe Wright's version of Pride and Prejudice. I love that movie. He plays Darcy wonderfully, you can see his emotions in his eyes. Since I saw him in that, I have now seen him in several different movies and each one is a completely different role. In Death at a Funeral (a hilarious British comedy that came out years before the one with Chris Rock in it, but same story line) he was very funny. Seriously funny. It was great to watch his being funny and laughing, especially since Mr. Darcy, well, very rarely smiles. Most recently, he is the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood with Russell Crowe. He looks absolutely terrible in this movie. Stringy hair and just an all around terrible person. Its great to see him do so many things! Most of his career has been on stage or on the BBC, so some of his stuff is hard to come by in the US.
2. James Frain: I first saw him in Where the Heart Is with Natalie Portman. Who didn't cry when he was talking about his dead sister's funeral and he said, "I couldn't take her brown roses." I cry every time. Then I saw him in The Count of Monte Cristo a movie which I have watched many times. He plays Villefort, who is not a nice man at all and is responsible for making sure Edmond Dantes goes to prison. Frain plays it so believably and when the Count reveals his true identity to him, his reaction is so real. Its great. Frain is becoming a little more mainstream now because he is on True Blood and next will be seen on NBC's The Cape. I look forward to that.
3. Jim Caviezel: I first saw him in The Thin Red Line an amazing WW II movie with an impressive cast list. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and he was so good in it. Of course, most people saw him in The Passion of the Christ and he was so good in it. I cannot imagine what a huge undertaking that must have been for him and I know he was attacked for being in it. (By critics and by actually being struck by lightning while hanging on the cross - I still get shivers just thinking about it) But my favorite role of his is still Edmond Dantes in The Count of Monte Cristo. His need for revenge can only be squelched by his love for Mercedes and the story is so moving. I loved the book and, therefore, loved this movie.
4. James McAvoy: (They're all named Jim or James! Not intentionally) I first saw him in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe as an adorable fawn named Mr. Tumnus. Who wouldn't fall in love with Mr. Tumnus? He almost cries several times in the movie and, once again, he was one of my favorie characters in the book, so, of course, he was endearing in the movie as well. Not to mention he is from Scotland and as a result has that amazing Scottish accent that I could listen to for hours! He was also in Atonement (one of my all time favorite movies - so good) The Last King of Scotland (good movie about Uganda) Wanted and Penelope. Now, I would not necessarily recommend anyone see Penelope which is a movie about a girl who is born with a pig nose. This is a result of a spell placed on a weathly, spoiled family and the only way to break the spell is for someone to love Penelope and believe in her. Long story short, Penelope (Christina Ricci) and Johnny Martin (James McAvoy) fall in love with each other, but in the end, it is Penelope's own love for herself and belief in herself that breaks the spell. The movie itself is actually pretty stupid, but Johnny Martin's love for Penelope shines through McAvoy's eyes in a way that would make any skeptic believe in the power of love.
There are my favorite actors. Some day I'll do a list of my favorite Broadway singers/actors. But, for now here is this list. :)


Christine @ Live to Learn said...

Wow, you are extremely well versed! I love how you put all the movies in italiacs. It helps the non movie people know whats what. :) I'm going to look some of those movies up on netflix. What should I look for first?

Carol said...

Hi, Jenn--

James Frain has been my favorite actor for many years now. I think he's brilliantly talented and I make sure to watch everything he's in. If you are on Facebook, please check out and "like" my Facebook Fans of James Frain. Lots of fun stuff there. Hope to see you there! We're at--