Thursday, February 12, 2009

Granny's funeral and other ramblings

Well, I had written an entire entry and then lost it...very frustrating...So here's a catch up of the end of last week to now. My Granny passed away on Wednesday so Thursday afternoon, the kids and I headed to Jackson, MS for the funeral. This is a seven hour drive from our house and we did it with no technology. By that I mean, no DVD player in the van, no CD player in the van and the tape player is broken, so no books on tape. We do own 2 nintendo DS players, but one of them wasn't charged so I left both of them at home to avoid the fights that were sure to take place over the one DS. But we did just fine...we sang songs and played car type games. One game we played was where someone says a line from a movie and you have to guess what movie it is from. Well, the boys had no interest in playing this game. So they were in the back, entertaining themselves (we did bring action figures). Annabelle had fallen asleep, so it was just Zoe and I playing so we were doing some pretty obscure quotes from different movies and trying to stump each other. Anyway, one of the quotes I chose was, "You'd better get back in line or we'll both be in trouble." Zoe is thinking about it and thinking about it and having me repeat it over and over cause she just can't place it. All of a sudden, I hear Annabelle from behind me say "A Little Princess!" A Little Princess is Annabelle's favorite movie, but it was so funny that she could pick the quote out of the movie.
We finally made it to Jackson and we had a great time visiting with family. The service was on Friday and it was a sweet time just celebrating the almost 97 years that Granny spent here on earth. We sang "How Great Thou Art" as a group which was Granny's favorite hymn and then the pastor spoke. After he spoke, I sang "Well Done, My Child" accapella. It was really hard, but I am so glad I did it. Granny would have liked it. As I looked around at the people at the graveside service, I couldn't help but think about this precious woman's legacy. Granny was not raised by Christian parents, so at some point, someone had to invite her to church and someone had to tell her about Jesus. I don't know who it was, but as I looked at the four generations of a Christian family that started with Granny, I couldn't help but think about the impact that person had. We never know what kind of impact we have on other people. I can only pray that I will leave that kind of legacy.
One other funny Annabelle story...while we were driving back on Saturday, Annabelle was sitting in her seat playing by herself. She had a Troy (High School Musical 3) doll and I looked back at one point and she had Troy dancing with an Iron Man action figure. (I have been informed that it cannot be an Iron Man's an action figure.) So I asked her what she was doing because it looked funny. She said, "I needed a Gabriella. Iron Man is Gabriella." (I realize that not everyone has seen High School Musical a million times like I have, so Gabriella is Troy's girlfriend in those movies) She makes me laugh.

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Tessa said...

I am glad you are back safe and wow no technology!! I am very impressed. That is wonderful that your sweet Granny left such a legacy and I am positive you and Adam will do the same.