Thursday, September 4, 2008

RNC Speeches Last Night

I want to start this post by saying that if you live in the United States and are over the age of 18, please make sure you are registered to vote and that you GO VOTE! No matter who you vote for, please exercise this right that you have just by living in this great land. It is a right that can be taken away, so please be grateful for it and go vote!! Okay, that's my PSA for the day.

Secondly, if you don't want to know my political thoughts, then stop reading. I'll warn you that I am a pro-life conservative Christian who thinks people should be allowed to own guns if they want to (after all, the first thing Hitler did was disarm the that really what we want?) and I think we do have a responsibility to care for the earth that God created, but I still believe that man was created above the animals and plants. So, if you don't want to hear about it, you should probably stop reading.

Okay, last night I watched some of Romney's speech, and all of Huckabee, Guiliani and Palin. What a great night to be a conservative Republican! It was so much fun! I liked Huckabee's speech and his story about the desks and the veterans was very touching. Then the camera shot over to a veteran wiping tears from his eyes...very moving. Adam and I both teared up. I thought Huckabee did a good job.

Guiliani was so great too. He comes across as just a good ole boy from the Bronx. When he outright laughed at the community organizer thing, it was so funny. I think instead of trying to come up with things that Obama has done to try to prove he has experience, they should just say, Yep, you're right...he has no experience...but he has great ideas on ____. Of course, he will have to articulate some ideas instead of just saying he doesn't like what Bush is doing.

Anyway, Guiliani had the crowd all riled up before Sarah Palin even stepped onto the stage.

So, then her family came in and took their seats. All the kids, including the future son-in-law, and Todd Palin came in and sat with Cindy McCain. It was endearing as they sort of passed the baby around. The daughter had him first and then Cindy and then Todd. Eventually, the littlest girl got him and there was a precious shot of her licking her hand to smooth his hair out. It was great.

Palin's speech was so great. It was funny, inspiring and exciting! She has a plan to cut our dependence on foreign oil (this is different from Obama's plan to cut our dependence on the Middle East for oil, since we get our oil from various sources-Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, not just Saudi Arabia.) which I think is great. We need to drill AND work on other types of energy. I agree with her that we can't just do nothing until we get the technology to do the other kinds. She just sort of touched on the pregnant teenage daughter thing, but then went on about the rest of it. Good for her. The focus needs to be on other things. The daughter has no bearing on her ability to be VP, just as Al Gore's son had no bearing on his being able to be VP.

All in all, it was a great night and a great night to be a Republican! I am actually excited about voting in November!! GO MCCAIN/PALIN!!


Triathamom said...

So the SEVENTEEN year old pregnant daughter thing doesn't bother you at all??? I don't think it would bother me so much if she were 20 or 21, but at 18 she is still clearly under their authority and a CHILD!!!!! And did they really have to parade the betrothed CHILDREN out in front of America & the world. Just a little creepy.

For all her strengths -- of which there are so many -- I'm just having a hard time with this.

But the sister fixing the baby's hair with "mommy spit" totally cracked me up!!!

Christine said...

I wish I had seen the speeches, maybe i can check in online for them. I knowI can't wait to vote for them this November too.
As for the pregnancy issue, everyone makes mistakes and she, the mom to be and Palin took the higher road. I think it's great they aren't cloisterinng the preggy girl away. Show America that there are options to a teen pregnancy. Now yes I think there should be an abstinence speech sometime but kids mess up and then God uses us, the imperfect humans, for His own good. Amazing! God is good all the time.
Christine @ Live to Learn

Jena said...

I totally agree with you Jen. It was such a great night and such a great speech. Let's just start praying and keep on until the end. Love you-