Friday, September 19, 2008

The Cake I Made Today

This is the cake I just finished for a surprise 40th birthday party tonight! It's just white cake with buttercream icing. She wanted a lot of black on it...Hope they like it!
To entertain Annabelle and Jude during the decorating, I gave them each their own icing to play with. Don't worry, it's not the same icing I used on the cake! :) They had fun squeezing it onto their plates and, obviously eating it as well.


Georgiann said...

Hi~Awesome looking cake! My 40th birthday was yesterday! My husband and sister gave me a surprise party at a fun italian resturant.
"The Garden Gate"
Peace and Prayers,
Georgiann mom of6

Mrs. Tara said...

Never realized you had this talent in your bag of tricks! AWESOME!
Have a great week- I am praying you don't have to get the kids dressed and load up so often this week- more rest and peace.

Jena said...

wow- I am so impressed. I would be so nervous if that task was before me. It looks great- quite a talent, you've got there, Major!