Monday, June 30, 2008

Friday night, I had a surprise party for Zoe! Her birthday was May 7, but she couldn't decide what she wanted to do and then time slipped away. So I booked a room at the Hilton, invited four of her friends and we had a blast! McKaylah, MaryBeth, Mackenzie and Janaya were there. Meg was out of town, or she would have been there too. Zoe was so surprised! I told her I was going shopping and that I would see her later. Then, I went to the hotel and decorated the room and got the food set up. The other girls got there and we waited for Zoe. Adam told her that I had called and a friend of mine from college was in town and I wanted her to come have dinner with us. He told her he was going to drop her off at the hotel with me. So, the girls and Mitzi (MaryBeth and Mackenzie's mom) stayed in the room while I went down to get Zoe. When we walked in the room, the girls jumped out from between the two beds and shouted "Surprise!" She had no idea what was going on! She said, "What?" Then she figured it out. She said, "Daddy said your friend from college was here. He said her name was Tina Fey!" Of course, she didn't know who Tina Fey was, so it was even funnier. Then Mitzi left and I took the girls swimming. We swam in the indoor pool until ten o'clock when it closed. Then we came back to the room and watched Enchanted. They were so silly all night. They played fashion show and other pretend games that I'm not really sure what they were. They finally fell asleep about one in the morning. I was in one bed by myself! (How nice!!) Then four of the girls were in the other bed and one girl was on the floor. I had planned to take them to breakfast, but they didn't wake up until ten o'clock and they wanted to swim again. Their parents were coming at eleven so we went swimming one more time. So I sent them home hungry, but that's what they wanted.
Zoe must have thanked me a hundred times. She was so surprised and excited! It was so much fun!

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Christine said...

Woo Hoo! I am your first commenter. I know Zoe had so much fun! Heck I would have a great time if it had been my 9 yo bday party. :)
Christine @ Live to Learn